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Sunday, 6 October 2013


I can safely and truthfully say I worry WAY too much. I have numerous anxiety habits- but that's for another post, another day, and a lot of you will understand it the way it can affect my mood, self esteem, and just ability to get things done.

When i'm spending hours with my mind focused on that one thing that probably won't even happen, or the reason for what that person really thinks of me, I should be filling out that time being happy, thinking And Why Should I care?

So, for you, those like me, the worriers, stop it. 
Worrying gets you no where. Clear your head, think practically and logically and smile. There honestly is no point in worrying because at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. Your happinessand those closest to you is all that matters, and let's be honest, they generally should go hand in hand.

Don't take things too seriously, brush it off, be strong and calm! Oh, and give me a little smile now :)

love a lot,


  1. This is amazing.. I know how you feel about worrying I have the same problem try to not let it take over your life :D