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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Being 16

The time i'm writing this is 00:44, it's now not been my birthday for 44 minutes. I can safely say i had a brilliant sweet 16th. 

I'm now ready to say this year WILL be my year. 
Going into my first year of sixth form, I'm prepared, albeit scared (to death) for the workload, the newbies and the teachers this coming year.
I am determined to kick out my bad qualities, even though, as they say old habits die hard, but I am so excited to turn myself into a better person this year - starting with not eating all my birthday chocolate all at once.

Additionally, this year I want to bring my blog to life so i will start by a picture of the side of my face and the revealing of my name...

Hope this coming school year is a good'n for all.

Love Amanda