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Saturday, 23 February 2013

the bucket list

This is just a random picture from google images, but i do like it!
We are all familiar with the concept of a Bucket List; a string of daring activities, hopeful achievements and arduous tasks you want to endure before your time is up.

My personal list includes a range of (not so) wild adventures i want to have, plus a few impossible ideas but the thought of ticking those off would just be kidding myself.

In attempt to try and make myself strive to tick off these, and to force myself to take this seriously, and stop being a lethargic couch potato, I'm going to publish my ideas, and hopefully will be able to scratch off those that I've accomplished.

For now though, here are the original goals:

The Bucket List!*
*in no particular order, i might add!

  • Visit each continent at least once
  • Travel to over 30 countries (count so far: 10)
  • Visit poorer children in Africa
  • Appear on tv
  • Have 15 minutes of fame
  • Reach 2000 followers on twitter (bit of a lame one, i know)
  • Build a snow fort and sleep in it
  • Own a pool
  • Get married
  • Get a book published
  • Have a holiday romance (hopeless romantic in me says hello)
  • Conquer a fear 
  • Stand on a snow-covered mountain
  • Watch a sunrise on a beach
  • Overcome a habit
  • Have a child
  • Trek through a corn field
  • Skinny dip- be brave enough to do this
  • Spend a whole day naked- be happy enough in my own skin to do this
  • Convince someone I have a different accent to mine
  • Spend all night out in a field
  • Buy a dog
  • Run across a motorway
  • Spend a day "commando"
  • Spend a night stargazing
  • Watch a horror film in the cinema (totally too scared to do this!)
  • Work in a designer clothes store
  • Have a blog/vlog viewed by 1000 people
  • Stand on the roof of a sky scraper (or a very tall building)
  • Sleep with a firefighter, a doctor and a policeman
  • Jump off a bridge into water (and survive)
  • Win something
  • Earn a medal
  • Buy an item of clothing worth at least £100

Friday, 1 February 2013

Newbie here!

I've decided to keep this blog as anonymous as I can for the moment, so i can hide from prying eyes that just want to be nosey or have a good laugh, but i don't mind sharing that I am a 15 year old girl who inhabits a nice little city in England.

For a while now, i've been exploring ways on the internet to share, experience and learn. I've had various accounts on random blogging sites, and settled for a twitter account last year, which i can not keep away from.

However, whilst inspired by Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter (i would 'tag' but i'll reiterate, i'm a newbie with no idea how to do anything just yet*) and their blogs i've decided to create my own.

I hope to be posting short blogs on make up if i can, and arty-farty things, as well as a few lifestyle posts, so wish me luck!

(admittedly, not really sure how to sign off a blog, so i'll sign it like a letter!)

yours faithfully,

privateempyrean :')

*therefore, any help offered would be much appreciated!