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Sunday, 8 September 2013

50 Facts

I have no introductory explanation really, just that because I want to bring my blog alive, I'd let myself be more open so anyone who reads can know a little more about me.

1) I dream vividly and regularly, which makes me 
happy because sleep can be boring and it's like subconscious night time movies
2) I love bubbles
3) If my nails look good, they're fake- I am the biggest nail biter
4) I had 4 A*s and 4 As at GCSE
5) I spend half my life on YouTube
 6) I've been to 9 countries including Iceland on a school trip
7) When i'm uncomfortable in a social situation, you WILL know
8) I have a lot of weird phobias including animals
9) My most listened to artist has to be Hobbie Stuart (who once replied to my tweet *fangirl*)
10) My idol and girl crush is Zoella 
11) Once I develop an insecurity it is here to stay
12) The first proper and full series of books I ever read was Harry Potter
13) I've got 2 middle names
14) I have 3 dimples on my face, one of which is actually a scar
15) My tolerance level is floor low
16) I get bad anxieties
17) I cry too much and laugh too little
18) I am insanely weak willed
19) I have been drunk 3 times -and counting
20) I am very cheerful when with other people because people make me happy
21) My music taste can't be labelled, it's too broad
22) I do not like horror films
23) I am the least tidy person, but I am very neat... yeah doesn't make a lot of sense does it?!
24) I think summer is the best month
25) hate being out of control
26) I get jealous when people like the same celebrities as me
27) Embarrassed when i'm the only one who likes a celebrity
28) I've touched the Nottingham Forest football pitch
29) I'm good at giving advice
30) I'm bad at taking advice
31) I make way too many mistakes, but who's perfect ey?
32) I am so shy
33) I spent too much time regretting
34) I make plans I don't carry through mainly because...
35) I am VERY lazy
36) I have met the Loveable Rogues, Speaking in Shadows, Danny Miller and Richard and Adam
37) I'm scared of, just about, EVERYTHING
38)I am so different around my friends, maybe even fun! ha
39) I tell my sister literally everything
40) I find thinking on my feet extremely difficult
41) I have two small birthmarks
42)  I am close to my brother and sister
43) There are a lot of things that annoy me, including heavy breathing!!!
45) I have a huge photo wall on my bedroom wall
46) I don't believe in deleting photos
47) I find it hard to let go of people I don't really contact any more (see Old Friends post)
48) I take a stupid amount of stupid selfies... and um serious selfies
49) I love to shop and i love new clothes
50) I can make tongue shiver :PPPPP

Sorry, but half of these were made up on the spot and that's why a lot are so rubbish!

If I think of a better one, I'll replace some of the bad ones! - Dedication right there

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  1. Those few facts about you are way too cute! I love reading such posts and getting to know the person behind the blog. Funny thing, when I read that you only got drunk three times, I thought, wow, she's not like most people, then I scrolled down and saw you were only sixteen. And I may very well be a bad influence haha!

    1. Aw thank you that's lovely! Ahaha I know woops!


  2. I love these types of posts! Zoella is my girl crush :)

  3. I love zoella and I watch her videos all the time.. love these types of posts :D