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Friday, 26 July 2013


Hola! This year, we holidayed in Spain. Before my visit to Cómpeta, a small mountain village near Malaga, I thought spain was a bit unadventurous, bit mainstream and frankly, a bit boring. However, having been to Cómpeta, I've learned to fall in love with the heat, the country and the people. 

Everytime we ate out in the restaurants in the main Plaza (see below), we were surrounded by a good mixture of tourists and locals. Enough of a balance for us to feel comfortable but also for the place to feel authentic. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. We kept seeing the locals regularly and it made us feel right at home. Not to mention how good looking the other half to the human race are!

(big shoutout to Cómpeta, I highly recommend the beautiful village!)

The Church in the main plaza
Beautiful sunsets
A feature from another square


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